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Day 4 of 365 Things To Do Around the Eastside: Monday Morning Jolt with Caffe Ladro

First of, FULL DISCLAIMER ~ I have gotten 100’s of free coffees from CaffeLadro over the past 10 years, that being said, It is an AWESOME place to get your CAFFEINE BUZZ and a Tasty Treat to eat as well.

Caffe Lardo Seattle

One of the Best Places for Esspresso on the Eastside

I used to go to the Caffe Ladro on Union St downtown Seattle a couple of times a day. After I no longer worked in DT Seattle I would only be able to have my Jumbo Quad Shot, Extra Chocolate, 2 Sweet & Lows with Whip Mocha occasionally.

Thank the Java Gods that Caffe Lardo has now opened several locations on the Eastside. I have been to them all and each one is just as awesome as the others.

The Barista’s know how to pull a RICH SHOT of ESPRESSO. They also can do a great job with the FOAM. If you ask nicely they might even do some foam art for you!

Caffe Ladro Coffe & Bakery

Tasty Treats in the Bakery

Not only can you get a great espresso drink you can try an amazing selection from their own bakery! My 2 faves are the Pecan Pie Tarts and the Grab n Go Quiche Cups (variety of flavors).

Starting your week with a Strong Quad Shot of Espresso and something from the bakery case is sure to make Monday’s much more enjoyable.

You can also almost totally avoid going into the office by using the free WiFi and Ladro.

Issaquah Highlands

1200 10th Ave NE
Issaquah, WA 98029
(425) 391-9300


104 Central Way
Kirkland, WA 98033
(425) 827-5838


333 108th Ave NE
Bellevue, WA 98004
(425) 467-5562

In the Expedia building

Stop by and enjoy the coffee! If you would like to meet me at a Ladro and  buy me a Jumbo Quad Extra Chocolate, 2 Sweet & Low with Whip Mocha, just let me know and I will make it fit into my schedule!


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Day 3 of 365 Things To Do Around the Eastside – Easter Sunday Worship a Non Traditional Way

If you want to get your prayer on for Easter Sunday one of the hippest Churches around is Canyon Creek Church. Beginning on Easter Sunday there will be a 4 part sermon Called:

Inked ~The Message is in the Art

Canyon Creek Church - INKED

If it’s worth getting in permanent ink, it’s worth explaining

For four weeks Canyon Creek will explore the life changing message of the Gospel through the tattoos of its people. If it’s worth getting in permanent ink, it’s worth explaining. Don’t miss a single exciting episode!

Seriously, this isn’t your grannies Sunday church service. One of the leaders is a mixed martial arts master and fights nationally.

CCC uses a very cool process to build community:

“In accomplishing our motive we use a Front Door, Family Room, Kitchen, and Garage strategy.

Front Door

The front door is where we meet each other. We make it possible for you to get to know us and for us to get to know you.

Family Room

The family room is where new friendships begin. We create opportunities for us to get to know each other better.


The kitchen is where friendships are developed. We strive to create an environment where we can cultivate deep relationships.


The garage is where friends work together.  This is where we can begin to use our talents to create the Front Door and Family Room environments for others.

It is truly an amazing place to spend time and get closer to your neighbors and to your God.

Services:      Sun @ 8:30am, 10am, 11:30am, 6pm

Location:      16620 Ash Way, Lynnwood, WA 98037

Phone:          425.582.2366

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