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Number 37 of 365 Things To Do Around the Eastside: Kirkland Classic Car Show

Kirkland will be hosting the 8th Annual Kirkland Classic Car Show this Sunday July 18th from 10:00 to 4:00.


There will be 100’s of classics, hot rods and custom cars lining the streets of downtown Kirkland. It will bring back memories of your youth.

It’s always fun to check out how people have restored and painted their collectible cars.

The Kirkland Classic Car Show is put on by the Downtown Kirkland Association and The Legends Car Club


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Number 34 of 365 Things To Do Around the Eastside: Rose Hill Carwash “The Nordstrom’s of Carwashes”

Rose Hill Carwash Kirkland WA

I have been taking all of my cars to Rose Hill Carwash for years and years. Rose Hill Carwash does a better job of washing my cars than anyplace else I have gone!!! They consistently impress me.

There is an article that is hanging inside by the large picture windows overlooking that soft cloth wash system that is from the Seattle Times (I think) that calls RHCW “The Nordstrom’s of Carwashes”

Rose Hill Carwash Kirkland WA

RHCW (Rose Hill Carwash) offers 7 levels of service – from just a basic Exterior Wash to The WORKS PLUS. I typically get the Super Wash which makes my car look brand new:

  • Interior Wipe Down & Window Wash & Vacuum

  • Exterior Soft Cloth Wash and Hand Dry

  • Tire & Rim Cleaner

  • Tire Dressing

  • Clear Coat Treatment (spray on wax)

It is a good place to take younger kids – they can watch their car go through the automated soft cloth washing system!

They also offer a Full Detailing Service, which I haven’t tried, but expect it is of the same high quality and standards as their regular carwashes.

RHCW also offers Texaco Gas – you don’t have to get a fill up to get a car wash. I don’t think that they even offer a discount if you do buy gas.

They do offer a discount for AAA members and Real Estate Agents that show them a business card!!!

Randy Randolph Uber Agent Redmond WA, Kirkland WA Real Estate for Sale

Go give them a try you and your car will love them!

12633 NE 85th St
Kirkland WA 98033

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60 Minutes Story on “Strategic Defaults” in Real Estate – Walking Away is it Right?

Last night on 60 Minutes they had an interesting report on people who owe more money on their home mortgage than they could sell their house for. This is known as being “Underwater” on your home.

More and more people who are Underwater on their homes are choosing to walk away from their loans and homes in a Strategic Default.

Watch CBS News Videos Online

What do you think about this trend?

If you or someone you know needs to BUY or SELL Real Estate? Call me and I will help!

Randy Randolph Uber Agent

Randy Randolph

Uber Agent

206-234-3647 cell


RSVP Real Estate Randy Randolph Uber Agent

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Bonus Item 365 Things To Do Around the Eastside: Farmers Market Schedule

Here is a Bonus for the entire Summer Season

List of Farmers Markets on the Eastside for 2010!

Bellevue Farmers Market

Bellevue Farmers Market
Thursdays, 3pm-7pm

May 13 – October 14, 2010

First Presbyterian Church of Bellevue
1717 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue

Bellevue Farmers Market

Bellevue Farmers Market
Saturdays, 10am-3pm

Jun 5 – November 20, 2010

Washington Square
10610 NE 8th St, Bellevue

Crossroads Farmers Market

Crossroads Farmers Market
Tuesdays, Noon-6:30pm
May 25 – October 5, 2010

NE 8th & 156th Ave NE, Bellevue

Issaqauh Farmers Market

Issaquah Farmers Market
Saturdays, 9am-2pm
Apr 10 – October 9, 2010

1730 10th Ave NW, Issaquah

Juanita Farmers Market

Juanita Beach Farmers Market
Fridays, 3pm-7pm
May 14 – October 9, 2010

9703 NE Juanita Drive, Kirkland

Kirkland Farmers Market

Kirkland Farmers Market
Wednesdays, 2pm-7pm
May 5 – October 13, 2010

Marina Park, Kirkland

Mercer Island Farmers Market

Mercer Island Farmers Market
Sundays, 11am-3pm
June 20 – October 17, 2010

SE 32nd St at Mercerdale Park, Mercer Island

Redmond Farmers Market

Redmond Farmers Market
Saturdays, 9am-3pm
May 1 – October 30, 2010

7730 Leary Way NE, Redmond

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Day 29 of 365 Things To Do Around the Eastside: Get Ready for Summer Visit Rock Star Tan Bar

Rock Star Tan Bar Kirkland

After the past 8 months of cloud and rain I really ready for sunshine. Until then, I am going to Rock Star Tan Bar in Kirkland.

It’s a total fun and cool place to hang out. They have lots of high pressure beds, spray tanning and even a hydration station!

Hydration Station at Rock Star Tan Bar Kirkland

I haven’t had to wait for more than 5 minutes for a bed and most days I don’t have a wait at all. At Rock Star Tan Bar you can purchase a single tan to a package of tans or even unlimited tanning by the month. They also off some pretty amazing lotions and tan accelerators.

Most of the beds that they have are high pressure, which means that you get a dark deep tan in just a few minutes. The whole reason to go tanning is to look good and feel better. I don’t know why, but I get more relaxation in 15 minutes of tanning than almost anything else I do.

High Pressure Tanning Bed at Rock Star Tan Bar

It is best to BYOT – Bring Your Own Tunes. While they do have stereos in each room – it’s just easier to have your own iPod to Rock out with.

Good Location, Good Beds, Friendly Staff and Clean are what you get at Rock Star Tan Bar.

Rock Star Tan Bar
216 Park Lane
(between 3rd St & Main St)
Kirkland, WA 98033
(425) 889-8826

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Day 28 of 365 Things To Do Around the Eastside: Haircut at The Shop

The Shop Downtown KirklandThe only place I go to get my haircut is at The Shop in Downtown Kirkland. For some reason I always end up calling it The Head Shop, but nope it’s just The Shop.

I have been going there for years and years. I don’t even know how I found it, but I am glad I did. The Shop now has 6 locations, I think that the Downtown Kirkland might have been the 1st, but not positive.

It has a great vibe to it. There are posters all over the walls & ceilings. They play good music and give away lollipops!

The Shop Kirkland WA

Every haircut I have ever gotten at The Shop has been great. I have had Foils, Colors, Bleaching and even a couple Camos. Hair is an accessory – play with it, have fun with it and try new things. That’s why I visit The Shop.

I go in and no matter who is working I just tell them to do something FUN, DIFFERENT, WILD.

Everyone there is awesome – it is a fun, relaxing atmosphere and you will leave looking MUCH better than when you went in.

They offer an incredible Shampoo/Scalp Massage (Kim is the BEST at it), they DON’T take appointments (you can call 30 minutes ahead to get your name on the wait list) and they are always busy.The Shop 94 Kirkland Ave Kirkland WA 98033

The other reason I keep going back is the price – I can go in and get a complete buzz for $10 or a fun cut for $18 (girls are slightly more). Camo was $25 I think. Anyways SUPER affordable and a great cut!

The Shop 94 Kirkland Ave Kirkland WA 98033

If you aren’t around Downtown Kirkland then check out one   of The Shop’s other locations:

Randy Randolph ~ Uber Realtor ~ Redmond Kirkland ~ Uber Agent ~  Real Estate For Sale
Juanita Village
Bonney Lake
Queen Ann

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Day 27 of 365 Things To Do Around the Eastside: Deep Dish Pizza Pie at The Pizza Bank

I hPizza Bank Kingsgate Kirkland WAave been told for several years about Pizza Bank in the Kingsgate neighborhood of Kirkland. How they have great deep dish pizzas and it is a nice family run joint. So, today we went and gave it a try.

First off, I love pizza. 24/7/365 would be fine by me. I like both deep dish and thin crust as long as it has cheese and sauce I like it.

We ordered the Large Old Number 29, which has Canadian Bacon, Shrooms, Italian Sausage, Olives and Motz. It was definitely a large pie. Hot, crispy and loaded down with toppings. It could have used an additional scoop of sauce, but it was good. Now I know why people have been talking up the Pizza Bank. They have been around since 1983, which is a long time in pizza years!

The large was enough to feed 3 of us and bring home a couple slices.

Pizza Bank Kirkland WA Deep Dish Pizza

In addition to Pizza they have many other Specialties of the House. I saw a couple of their Pasta dishes go by and the looked fantastic and enough to share; Lasagna, Baked Spaghetti, Pasta Greek Style, Clam Sauce, Shrimp Diablo and of course Chicken Parm.

Give Pizza Bank a try for Lunch or Dinner. You will get full, enjoy yourself and you should have some leftovers!

Deep Dish Pizza at Pizza Bank Kirkland WA

Deep Dish Pizza at Pizza Bank Kirkland WA

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Day 25 of 365 Things To Do Around the Eastside: Do Anything Outside

Take your dogs swimmingTake your dogs swimmingLake Washington SailboatMarsh Park

Just grab your sunglasses and head outside. Take a look around your neighborhood and see what you can discover.

Enjoy the Sunshine today!

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Day 21 of 365 Things To Do Around the Eastside: Seattle Restaurant Week 3 Courses for $25

Seattle Restaurant Week

Seattle Restaurant Week

April 18 to 29, 2010 over 100 Restaurants are offering a special 3 Course Dinner for Just $25 – it’s time for Seattle Restaurant Week! This is a way to celebrate local Chefs and Restaurants while eating some incredible food.

Local Eastside restaurants that are participating in this promotion include some very well reviewed names:

  • Artisanal Brasserie

  • Barrio Mexican Kitchen and Bar

  • Purple Café and Wine Bar

  • Seastar Restaurant and Raw Bar

  • Wild Ginger

  • Anthony’s HomePort Kirkland

  • Beach Café

  • bin on the lake

  • Lynn’s Bistro

  • Trellis

  • Bennett’s Pure Food Bistro

  • The Dining Room

  • Woodman Lodge Steakhouse and Saloon

  • Barking Frog

You can check out more of the details for Seattle Restaurant Week on Facebook

Seattle Restuarant Week 2010

Seattle Restuarant Week 2010 on Facebook

To help celebrate Seattle Restaurant Week the Seattle Restaurant Cooperative is giving away a $100 Dinner Gift Certificate each day during this week long dining event. You can enter here

I think we are going to go to Seastar and give it a taste, which one are you going to try?

seastar restaurant and raw bar

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Day 18 of 365 Things To Do Around the Eastside: Take a Walk on the Sunny Side

Marina Park Kirkland

Today the Eastside is bathed in Sunshine, so why not go for a walk and do some people and dog watching?

One of the best places to enjoy the sun while strolling along in from Downtown Kirkland to Carillon Point. It is a flat walk along the Eastside of Lake Washington.

You will encounter other people out and about, dogs, bicyclists, skateboarders, inline skaters and joggers.

In Downtown Kirkland there are several art galleries, coffee houses, real estate offices, restaurants and boutiques to wander through.

Kirkland ParkAlong the walk to Carillon Point you will pass by several neighborhood parks, which offer picnic areas, swimming, volleyball, children’s play ground, sunbathing and overall some of the best Lake Front views around.

Kirkland Park

Carillon Point Kirkland

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